Monday, July 14, 2014

5 Reasons Why I Read a Blog [Guest Post]

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Hey, everyone! It's Kriselle here. So I'm currently away at camp for this whole week, so you will be getting to know some great people and reading some great things from them while I'm away. So today, please welcome Felecia from Hello Felecia!


Hello Livin and Lovin Readers! I'm Felecia from Hello Felecia dot com. I write a lifestyle blog, it has a little bit of all my hobbies from books to fashion. I am glad to be able to share with you all today. As a reader and a blogger there are a couple of factors that keep me going back to a blog.

1. Personal Connection.

Who does not like making friends and staying up to date on the goings on of their life. I know I do, and I enjoy not only receiving tips and advice from different blogs but the ability to get to know the blogger behind the advice. Although, I may have never meet them in person, I know them a little better when the blogger shares personal information.

2. Humor.

I enjoy a sense of humor. Life is pretty serious already and a little humor lightens things up a bit. I am not super hilarious, but I do enjoy reading blogs written by bloggers with a sense of humor.

3. Beautiful Photos.

I do appreciate photos within a blog post, it breaks up the text nicely. I also enjoy when blog post have quotes tried in that has to do with the topic of the post or are the topic of the blog post.

4. Comment Response.

I enjoy getting replies to my comments almost as much as I enjoy getting comments on my blog. It is a another way to connect with readers on the blog. It is cool to know not only was the comment read but time was taken to thoughtfully response to the comment, and get to know me, the reader, a little bit better.

5. Outside communication.

I enjoy communication and connection, I have mentioned these two factors a couple of times. It is cool when the interaction happens outside of the blog. When I can interact with the blogger like any other friend I know through various social media, in particular Instagram and Twitter. I enjoy getting to know people, hearing their stories, and being a part of their world.   Why do you keep coming back? What do you enjoy most about blogging or reading blogs?



  1. So true, I think friendship is the coolest thing I have gotten from blogging, and keeping up with people online help build a friendship. :) Have a good week

  2. I definitely get turned away from a blog if they never reply to my comments. I don't think that they need to reply every time I comment but if I comment on 5 of your posts I'd hope to get at least 1 response. I defnitely agree with this others too though! Great list! I definitely need to engage with readers outside of comments more!

  3. Totally agree, you don't have to response to every time I comment. For me the community on my blog is small enough that I have time to response to every comment in some way or another, sometimes it is simply visiting the blog of the one who commented. I think it is neat all the way you can connect with others and build community, everyone does it differently.


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