Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Color Swap with Wetherills Say I Do

Christmas is a great time for gift giving, and I had the awesome opportunity to participate in a kind of gift swap called The Color Swap, featuring a bunch of bloggers from The Peony Project (I've been mentioning them a lot lately!). The swap was hosted by Melissa of Two Miracles.

The Color Swap was a gift exchange where you had to buy your partner a collection of things that are their favorite color and things that they like, of course. I was paired with the lovely Madison of Wetherills Say I Do, and she's already posted what I got for her on her blog! You can check that out there. It's about time that I get to talk about and publicly thank her for what she's given me as well!

As you can see, my favorite color is orange, and she did a great job at getting me some cute stuff in that color. I would have to say that my favorite things are all the things she got me from Poppin. All of their office supplies are so sleek and I love how they color coordinate everything. That's a big deal for me. 

As a writer, I think it was very fitting that Madison had given me a notebook. I love notebooks even if I have no use for them. I will always find a use for notebooks. Any excuse for me to write things down or make lists is fine with me. 

Of course, a writer needs a writing utensil, right? I was given a neon orange Sharpie and I really like how the color looks on paper. I was a little nervous, but the color is easy on the eyes and is actually lighter than I thought, which I like. (And excuse my little typo where it says "family," haha.)

The two other products I was given included a pebble eraser and the soft mini tray. The eraser is simply too cute and perfect for me to even use it and the tray is perfect to hold random little pieces of clutter hanging around my desk. I like how both of them feel too. 

Orange recipe cards were the last thing I received in my package, and I couldn't be more happy with the timing of it too, especially since I'm living in an apartment over winter break and am planning on living in one in a few months as well. These will be perfect for me to record all of my mom's recipes for my favorite Filipino foods. I've already started asking her for help on that and these cards will be perfect for me to remember them. 

This was a great gift to receive right before Christmas! I could always use more things to help organize myself, and with each coming year I make a goal for myself to be more organized. I'm hoping that these will help with that, haha. Don't forget to visit Madison's page to see what I got for her as well!

Chau for now


  1. Yayy! I'm so thrilled you like everything. When I signed up for the color swap I knew I would end up getting some poppin supplies! :)

  2. Such cute little gifts! I love little notebooks like that and use them like crazy!! They make great gifts for writers!

  3. I love how your favorite color is orange! It's so bright and happy! And I know what you mean about journals and notebooks; lately I've been obsessed with them!

  4. This swap looks like so much fun! I love the idea of getting a bunch of items in your favorite color. Madison did a great job of finding some orange items that were perfect for you.

  5. Everything is adorable! I really love those recipe cards. Do you know where Madison got those?

  6. And for good reason too. I want to buy poppin office supplies for everything now! Haha.

  7. They do! I've decided to use my notebook to keep in my bag at all times to write random lists or other ideas I may come up with when I'm out and about.

  8. I feel like orange describes me perfectly for that reason! And yes, journals and notebooks will always be welcome to me, even if I have no more room. I'll make room for them!

  9. Thank you! And unfortunately, I don't know :[ You'd probably have to ask her directly if you want some for yourself!


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