Thursday, December 18, 2014

November + December Sponsor Spotlight: Peony Project Ladies

It's been a while since I've had a sponsor spotlight, but I just relaunched my sponsors page last month along with Adproval's new beta system allowing for coupon codes for ad spaces. If you are interested in purchasing an ad spot with me (they're relatively cheap!) use the code TISTHESEASON for 25% off any ad space worth more than $5 at checkout!

To celebrate, I recently had a few ladies from the Peony Project, a Christian blogger support group I'm in, sponsor me for the past month! Unfortunately, due to finals their sidebar ads are no longer on my sidebar and I didn't have this post up sooner, but better late than never, right? 


This here is Susana from Hurray I'm a Mommy. As you can tell, she's a new mom exploring and enjoying motherhood. She writes a lot of personal posts about herself and thoughts she has on certain things. One that I really enjoyed was her post about surviving the holidays after a loss. No matter what time of year you lost a loved one, there are always those first few holidays that you spend without them, and it's hard. 
Other than talking about her personal thoughts, she shares some recipes, talks about owning a puppy vs. having a baby, and so many other fun types of posts that come with being a newlywed and a new mom. Show Susana some love and check her out!

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Kenji is a very strong and beautiful woman of God and Rheumatoid Arthritis survivor and she blogs over at Kenji is Here! She has a french bulldog named Poopsy, loves karaoke, and is loud and loves people! She writes a lot of meaningful posts, whether it's about the tattoos she has or even just how grateful she is for being where she is in life. Kenji is very real and vulnerable on her blog, something that I really appreciate and look up to in other bloggers. She isn't afraid to talk about the positive and negative things going on in her life, but she always does it looking on the bright side, always finding the joy in every situation. I applaud her for that because many bloggers can't do that or just don't. If you want to follow along with someone who will talk to you as if you're right in front of them, definitely check out Kenji! She is a great girl. 

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Norkor blogs at Voyageur Africaine, which translates to African Voyager in English from French. She is originally from Ghana and has been traveling the world since she was 6. She is currently in a gap year, and she's using that time to travel, of course. I love that she will bring her African culture into some of her posts and she definitely writes a lot about her faith in Christ. I especially love how bright and vivid her photos are in every post because I feel like they are able to allow the reader a peek into the beauty of her adventures. She will definitely leave you with a longing feeling of wanderlust!

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Heather blogs over at Broken with Remedy, an inspirational lifestyle blog. She is an expectant mother writing about her pregnancy and encouraging others through her posts for teen girls or about prayer. She is still navigating through the blogging world but she's definitely enjoying the process! She definitely has a heart to serve and wants her blog to be an outlet for that. 


Bijee is the woman behind The Reflections of a Good Woman, an inspirational blog that talks about relationships, friendships, and life in general. She works to reach out and help out everyone who may need the encouragement. Her blog very well reflects the name. Her posts are meant to motivate you to do something or change something in your life for the better, usually little by little. Some of them include: the blessing of breakfast and devotional time in the morning, or an honest post about telling people that they cannot dictate who her own daughter should become. Bijee does a great job at definitely working hard to motivate people to evaluate and reflect on themselves as people and even on a spiritual level at times. Her faith definitely shines through. 

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So those are my sponsors for this month! It has been amazing being part of the Peony Project and getting to meet such a wide array of women who share the faith that I have. Sometimes it's hard to be a blogger that incorporates their faith into their work, so it was heaven sent for me to find this group and be part of it. 

If you are interested in being part of The Peony Project, there are directions on Betsy's (the founder) page about it! If you are interested in sponsoring Livin' and Lovin' Blog and want to be part of this community, get some more information here. I have a variety of options, from free swaps to a two-month long sponsorship where you get all the perks plus some customization to your experience so that you are getting the love you deserve! Don't forget to use the code TISTHESEASON at checkout to get 25% off any spot more than $5!

Stay tuned, because I'll be featuring my two top sponsors for the month very soon! [: 
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