Thursday, December 4, 2014

Study/Finals Tip: Use a Planner (or App) and Make Lists!

Finals are upon us, and I am beyond stressed. Tests don't worry me too much (I only have 2 this semester), but this semester my finals are mostly papers. 

One of my favorite and most recommended study tips is simply: GO TO SLEEP! However, come finals week, that tip just may not apply depending on how many assignments you're procrastinating on (because let's be honest, we're doing all of these last minute). 

I've learned that planners and any other organizer are your best friends during this time. Whether it's an app or a paper organizer (I prefer paper), it is so important to have everything written down somewhere. 

I usually try to write down whatever I have due in the coming week or in the next few days and I do things in the order that they are due. For example, if I have two classes on one day with assignments due in both, of course I'm going to do the work for the earlier class first. 

I know that if you have a planner chances are you probably use it on a weekly or daily basis already, but if you don't at least make a point to purchase (or download) something to help you list out all you have to do. 

Even if it's simply getting a piece of paper or post its and writing lists of what you need to do, both will help. I think lists are always useful and relevant to use no matter what situation you may be in. 

Okay, so finals week is coming up and I am so excited to be done! What other tips do you use for finals week? Do you use a paper planner or an app to stay organized? 
Chau for now


  1. I have the same planner! I've been loving it so much this semester. I actually helps me stay organized and keeps me accountable! Thanks for sharing, Kriselle!

  2. I am currently taking a break from my all nighter and I found myself reading your blog! :)

    looking for a good planner these days, hope to find one because I agree with you, keeping everything organized is crucial, especially with finals!


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