Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Explorin' the New Hood: Old Towne Orange

Like I've said before, I recently moved into my first big girl apartment. I was unsure about the location of where we would be living because we are on a busy street and the friend's apartment we were subletting had a great location, close to everything & also just down the street from one of my jobs. 
However, last week my concerns were lifted when a friend of mine who lives not too far from me decided to show me around such a gem: Old Towne Orange. 
It's a cute little place with lots of antique shops, cool restaurants and older-looking buildings. It probably actually looks like the "old town" part of any city, but since I don't usually explore those areas, it was pretty cool to do so here. 

So the point of our little adventure was with two reasons in mind: for her to show me around the area and for me to help her take Instagram photos like mine! Haha. The first time she told me she wanted me to take photos of her the way I have my photos on Instagram I was laughing but I also felt quite honored. It was just not something I would expect someone to say to me haha. 

I was also helping her with taking better iPhone photos by giving suggestions on how you can frame the subject and things like that. It was fun for both of us because we were doing it in such a cool place (but unfortunately I have no photos of her/with her--they were all either on snapchat or on her phone, & her Instagram is private & so I don't want to compromise her privacy). 

Old Towne Orange in one word is: hipster. 

There was lots of brick, lots of antiques, and some other cool random things that we found around the little town. We stumbled across an alley and found a cool black metal wall with an orange painted on it. I also caught some really meaningful graffiti that was also super cool. 

Something that I really hope to do in the next few months is really explore where I live and fall in love with where I live! I've always loved where I lived, but since I don't live on campus at school anymore it'll be easier (& I'll be less lazy) when it comes to getting out and seeing what's around me. 

Where shall I go next? Garden Grove? Anaheim? Downtown Santa Ana? We'll see. 

Where do you live? & what has your experience been in "old towns" like this one?
Chau for now

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