Monday, January 27, 2014

Back to School with Office Depot!

Disclosure: Sponsored by Office Depot, courtesy of Her Campus. All opinions are my own. 

A new semester means back to school shopping!

Whether you buy pens or replenish your collection of school supplies, it's always fun to go back to school shopping! I love shopping for school supplies, and I love going to Office Depot to do the job. It has everything that I need in one place!

One of my goals for the new semester and new year is to become and stay as organized as possible. I want to make sure that I'm prepared for anything this semester!

Darell, my boyfriend, also tagged along to go back to school shopping himself. He's trying to stay on top of his school work this semester too. He really wanted to capture me during our shopping experience, haha.

Between the two of us, we both got a substantial amount of stuff to help us this semester! Office Depot has everything that students need for the semester and so much more. And another plus is that their products help you stay organized and productive when you need to be! Their new Omni services for students makes shopping for school so much easier and convenient for you! Another great thing for you: if you shop on, you can get $10 off a $50 purchase! It's great, just when you didn't think that Office Depot could get more awesome, they have so much more to offer!

Darell and I both got dry-erase calendars--he got the monthly one while I got a weekly one. I need to track my schedule weekly while he just needs to remember dates--and not just on the calendar, if you catch my drift.

Here's my dry-erase board in its natural habitat before it kept falling off the wall and moved it:

Darell and I also got document organizers so that we both have places to put our homework and other papers, rather than just throwing them onto our desks or into a drawer and losing it. He got a plain, black metal one while I got a cute one from See Jane Work, a chic school/office supply brand that has the cutest office supplies in so many different patterns and textures! It allows you to really personalize your working space, which I think is necessary to work effectively. 

Here is my document organizer up close!
Another thing that Darell got were bookends! He wanted to be able to organize and keep all of his books in one place to make studying easier for him, hence the bookends.

The last thing Darell got was a USB cord for his phone so he is able to listen to music while studying! Studies have proven that listening to music while studying helps stimulate certain parts of your brain, not to mention make studying more enjoyable for you.

Onto the rest of my haul:

If you didn't know already, I have a thing for pens. I'm really picky with the pens that I use and don't like the inky ones, although many people with my same affinity like those kind. I bought myself a 50-pack of pens to refill my pen collection! You can never have too many pens, especially if you're a writer.

Staying on the topic of writing utensils, I also bought Sharpies. They are so useful so many things in college, mainly labeling what is yours. Last semester, I surprisingly needed Sharpies for so many different projects throughout the semester, so I decided to buy some! Also necessary if you're a writer. (This is my first time ever owning Sharpies.)

Another lovely item off the See Jane Work collection, I got a business card holder! My school is huge on networking, which is also good for the real world of working, so I got a business card holder to put all my business cards in one place! Useful for school and work!

And my last item on this haul: washi tape! As a very visual person, the way that my things look affect my ability to work because I really like for things to be aesthetically appealing. My Pinterest has helped in finding ways to incorporate washi tape into organizing my things, like using it to highlight certain parts of my planner and writing on it!

When going back to school this season, shop for all of your supplies from Office Depot! They have everything you need and more. Don't forget that you can also get $10 off any $50 purchase if you click here! I feel so prepared for this semester, thanks to Office Depot. Are you ready for this semester?


  1. Love everything that you picked out!! Those calendars look so handy!

    xoxo A

  2. Love all of the different products you picked out! Having all of the organizational tools you bought helps so much with keeping up with college!

    1. Thanks, Brienne [: It really does! I'm trying to stay as organized as possible!

  3. I love this! Definitely reminded me of some things I need to pick up, so I'll be checking out OD. Any way I can convince you to do a future post of ways you use washi tape? xx

    1. No problem! When I get the time to figure it all out, I can surely do a post on it [:


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