Monday, January 6, 2014

Feedback for a New Year!

So it's a new year, meaning that I want to make a few minor changes, and one of them is catering more to my audience! I want to know what YOU think about this blog and what I write about! I want to make sure that what I post about is relevant to you and something that you would like to share with others or learn from.

With that being said, I have a completely anonymous survey to get a few ideas from you! It's a quick, 6 question survey with a few easy questions to answer. This way, I'm able to gauge what kinds of things to write about this year! It will only take a couple minutes, so if you could please take this survey and let me know your thoughts I would love to hear from you!

Take the survey here!

Also know that if you have any other questions or anything for me, you can always email me at

Thank you so much guys! I got a review coming up on Wednesday but I wanted to get this out of the way!

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