Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him and Her

It's almost Valentine's Day! If you're single, you're either getting ready to mope (which you shouldn't) or planning to go out with some friends. If you're in a relationship like I am, you are probably wondering what you're going to do for your significant other or you already have it all planned out (not me).

If you happen to be in a relationship and don't know what to get for your boyfriend or girlfriend, don't worry, I'm here to help! While I still don't have my gift for my own boyfriend, Darell, after putting together this gift guide, I definitely have an idea of it.

Depending on your budget and the type of person you're shopping for, I've included a few different options for you to give you some ideas!

1. Valentine's Day Coupons 
For: any kind of man (or even woman)!
Cost: As low as $0
I personally like coupons because they are low-cost and you can make them for anyone and customize it to that person's liking. I found these coupons as a printable off of The Frugal Girls. There are more coupons that what you see, but I decided to give you a sample of what they have. Or, if you are more on the creative side, you can make the coupons and hand-write them yourself! Not only is this gift easy to make, but there is no expiration date so he can use this throughout the year!

2. League of Legends Riot Points (RP)
For: the Gamer
Cost: $10, $25, or $50
Riot Points (or RP) are the currency used in the videogame League of Legends. RP allows the player to purchase extras for themselves to use in the game. Darell is an avid League of Legends player, and although I don't play myself, I know for a fact that he would totally appreciate if I got him this because it would show him that I "support" him in playing the game (although I say that lightly). If you want more information to buy RP, here is a page I found on the League of Legends website.

3. Carnivore Club
For: the Carnivore (duh!)
Cost: $50 a month
This one is a little costly, but it looks amazing! Carnivore Club is a subscription service that sends out boxes of 4-6 different types of special meats each month. You can gift this for a month or even more if you have the money to do so! If your man loves to eat meat, then there is no doubt that he would love this gift. (You can also just subscribe to this for yourself [; )

4. RVCA Beanie
For: the Chill/Simple Guy
Cost: $24
To me, RVCA is an urban/hipster brand that is very minimalist and anyone can wear. At first glance, it looks like any skater clothing brand, but it really goes past that. And there is a women's line too that is really nice! This is probably one of Darell's favorite brands, if not his favorite. Beanies are so easy and versatile to wear, not to mention comfortable too! You can get this beanie in Dark Charcoal (pictured) or in Ashwood.

So those were my gifts for him, now it's time to move onto gifts for her! Men, there are so many more choices to buy gifts for women, which I would think makes things easier to shop for us. However, if you're still lost, here are four different gift ideas for your lady this Valentine's Day!

1. Heart-Shaped Lanterns
For: the Dreamer // Girly-Girl
Cost: $24.95
Most girls love the idea of getting to hand twinkling lights around their room or somewhere in their room. Even if a girl isn't too girly, most girls can agree that there is something about hanging up lights in their room that makes it warmer and almost... magical? Okay, well maybe not magical, but the vibe of hanging around in a room dimly lit with cute lights is a good idea to most girls! It makes the room instantly cuter! These specific lights are from Cotton On's non-clothing brand, Typo. And anything from Typo is on my wishlist!

2. Painted/Patterned Mugs
For: the Coffee/Tea Lover // Bookworm
Cost: $15.99, but can be much cheaper
Coffee/Tea Lovers love to take sips of their favorite drink out of a mug that represents a part of their personality. Bookworms are the same, except they like cuddling with a book on the couch while they're at it too. I know I'm the same way. Mugs are a simple gift that you can get that can be easily customized--whether you buy it in a cool pattern, with their initials on it, or you draw on the mug with Sharpies yourself! No matter what you do, as long as you know the person's personality, buying them a mug that fits them is a thoughtful gift in my eyes. This specific mug is from Target, and it comes in a set!

3. Picture Frame Collage
For: the Hopeless Romantic
Cost: As low as $0, depending on materials used
This actually was a gift that Darell gave me a few years ago not too long after we started dating. It was a simple gift that he made on Microsoft Paint (wow, so ancient haha), printed out on nice photo paper, embellished a little bit, and bought a picture frame to put it in. I still have it displayed on my desk in my dorm room. Whether you have millions of pictures with your girlfriend or only a select few, this gift is one that will have meaning and one that she will display where she can see it every day. It's simple, but it means a lot.

4. "Say I Love You" Couple Pillowcases
For: the Long-Distance Relationship
Cost: $29.95 on Amazon
If you are in a long-distance relationship with your girl, then these pillowcases might be the perfect gift to give! On top of that, there is one for you, and one for her! If you two are long distance, each of you having one of these before you go to bed at night can help make the distance more bearable and make you two feel closer together. And even if you aren't in a long-distance relationship, these pillows would be just as cute to have side by side each other! You can get them on Amazon here.

So, there you have it, eight different gift ideas for that special person in your life! What would you get for your special someone? Did I miss anything from these lists?

This post is also part of a special 14 Days of Valentines Day series by Britney at the Princess & Her Cowboys! If you want more DIY, food, and gift ideas for the day of love, be sure to check her out, where she will have all of the posts in the series linked to their respective owners.


  1. The boys will definitely love the League of Legend RP cards. And the long distance pillows are so cute!

    1. Yeah, RP cards are great for the gamers! And I know, I want one of those pillows myself!

  2. I like the idea of the DIY coupons! Would love to make a "You buy dinner card" jkjk. My bf and I don't usually see each other on VDay anyway, so we usually just shop the day after sales and give each other gifts when we do see each other.

    1. Aren't they great? Hey, you could always shop the sales and attach some coupons for your boyfriend if you're feeling extra nice this Valentine's Day [;

  3. Love these! Those pillowcases are the cutest thing ever, and that Carnivore Club is a really intriguing idea... I might have to keep that in mind come father's day! :D xx, Elizabeth

    1. The pillowcases are so cute! And yeah I know, Carnivore Club is very tempting, even for me! Haha.

  4. I prefer Steam cards over RP. #justsayin


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