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Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Shows with Jerica's World

Hey everyone! So today, I am currently out of town and am at a journalism convention in San Diego with my university's newspaper. If you want to keep up with me this weekend, follow me on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated!

Until then, meet Jerica! She's a sweet girl that I met in the Her Campus Blogger Network, and she is an entertainment blogger! She's taking over my blog today and talking about her top 5 guily pleasure tv shows. Come on, I know you all have them. Read on and see what she likes!


Hey everybody!  I'm Jerica and I blog over at Jerica's World.  I blog about mostly pop culture but I talk about pretty much anything that comes to mind.  I'm honored that I was chosen to guest blog on Livin' and Lovin'.  Today's post is about guilty pleasures.  We all have them so don't try to deny it.  One of my biggest guilty pleasures is television.  I literally can spend hours watching TV.  So I thought I'd share my top 5 guilty pleasure shows with all of you. What show can you not survive without?  Let me know!  Enjoy!


5. Friends
This show is just a classic.  No matter how many times you've seen the same episode it is still hilarious.  You are always pulling for Ross  and Rachel even though you already know how it ends.  You'll just never get tired of it.  I bought my mom all 10 seasons for her birthday a few years ago and now we'll just have binge sessions.

4. One Tree Hill
It took me awhile before I actually watched this series but once I did I was hooked!  I had bought seasons 1-4 for super cheap one black Friday.  After season 1 I just knew it would be a new obsession.  I now own all 9 seasons.  It has drama and love and more drama.  The storyline is just insane!  Even my grandma who is 71 loves it.


3. Dance Mom's
I've always loved watching dancing shows.  Plus I love reality TV.  So when I saw the preview for this I knew I must watch.  It's just a show about dance moms, their kids, and the dance teacher Abby Lee Miller.  There is always TONS of drama.  The dances are beautiful too.

2. Revenge
This show is just AMAZING!  Every episode tops the next.  My grandma actually got me hooked.  It kills me to wait a whole week to see what happens.  It can be a bit intense at times but I highly recommend it.  You can watch seasons 1-2 on Netflix.

Source: Pretty Little Liars Wiki

1. Pretty Little Liars
If you aren't watching this show then you are missing out!  I can't get enough!  I feel like I'm one of the girls on the show trying to find out who A is even though we know.  It can get very creepy too.  The acting is a little cheesy but still convincing.  Every time you think you have it figured out something else happens!  I just love it!


  1. On.The.Nose! I love all of these shows!! Dance Moms included! I cannot help but watch each new episode! Great guest post!

  2. Love it! Friends is my everything, I'm way too invested in that show, lol. xx, Elizabeth


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