Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Wish List with Macy's Mstylelab

Macy's Wish List

Spring is almost here! That means another excuse to go shopping! Although I really enjoyed having the opportunity to shop for the things I did get from Macy's, of course there are still more things I would've loved to have snagged up if I got the chance. This is my Macy's wish list on the #macyscampustour

From left to right, top to bottom: 
Guess Lace Peplum Top: This top is cute, but the hints of lace make it just a little bit sexy without being over the top. The sweetheart neckline underneath the lace and the peplum shape make this top flattering to any figure! The sleeveless cut also makes the top ready for spring despite the dark color. 

Say What? Juniors' Lace Cropped Top: Okay, so lately I've been really obsessed with crop tops! I recently got a couple (including one from Macy's mstylelab) and although growing up I never liked the style of these kinds of specific crop tops (I always felt they were tacky and choking the person wearing the top), so many different stores have done amazing jobs at making these tops look chic enough to wear anywhere! 

Bar III Field Jacket: Military-inspired pieces are great to toughen up any outfit. I also feel that having some kind of cover up (cardigans, vests, etc) help in completing an outfit, and I love the feel that military-style jackets give when thrown over any outfit. 

Speechless Juniors' Lace Shift Dress: Lace is such a hot accent to any outfit right now, and I love how it looks on dresses! The shape of this dress is very simple, but the exposed arms underneath the lace add a little cute and sexy touch to the dress. 

Levi's Juniors' Dark Cropped Jeans: Because I am so short, my jeans normally bunch at the bottom, but for me, cropped jeans are especially nice because they fit me and the length is just right! I tried on these jeans when I last went to Macy's so they are still short enough to be cropped for me. I feel like denim is the easiest way to make any outfit casual and wearing it cropped with some flats creates a polished look that I love. 

Material Girl Juniors' Lace Romper: Okay first of all, I love the color of this! Orange is my favorite color so when I see pieces that are within that color family and look really cute I always fall in love. This roomper looks like a dress and has a pretty basic spaghetti-strap shape so I can easily add a cardigan on top or some tights underneath. I also really love the bustier-style neckline in the front. 

If you think this is all I wanted, think again! Next week on the final week of the Macy's Campus Tour, I'll be featuring my shoe lust list. I'm obsessed!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Macy's but all opinions are my own.


  1. My favorite piece from this is the lace shift dress!

    1. I love it too! I wish I could own it for myself :[

  2. That lace romper is EVERYTHING! Material girl is my favorite Macy's line <3

    1. Yes, I definitely love that too! Material Girl is one of my favorite Macy's brands!

  3. I agree with Angelic Sinova, the romper is my favorite! I love the color and style!


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