Monday, March 24, 2014

Two Ways to Wear: Tribal Print Crop Top

So it is now week four of the #macyscampustour, and today I will be styling my final item from Macy's, the tribal printed crop top. If you've missed any of my other Macy's Campus Tour posts, you can check them out here.

For the past couple of weeks I've been dressing up and down each of the tops I bought from Macy's mstylelab, and this week I'm styling my favorite outfits of the three tops! Which one would you wear? 

To Dress Down: This is one of my favorite outfits ever! I will probably be rewearing it over and over again whenever I get the chance. 

It is really simple, but yet it gives off a "bad girl" kind of look. The shorts are cut off with the frayed ends, giving it a worn and edgy vibe when paired with the black beanie. The crop top is long enough to cover my belly button (exposed belly buttons except at the beach is a pet peeve of mine), and the length of the top paired with the shorts shows just enough skin to be a little sexy. Shoes are not featured in this outfit, but you can wear sandals, sneakers, or ankle booties with this outfit. 

Tribal Print Crop Top: c/o Macy's mstylelab
Black Beanie: Borrowed from boyfriend // Denim Cut-offs: Someone on my floor gave it away (woop woop for free clothes!)

To Dress Up: I love this outfit dressed up as well! Because the skirt is high-waisted, it disguises the top from looking like it's cropped and covers up the middle section pretty well, especially since the skirt flows away from the body. While you can also wear flats with this outfit, I used my boots because well... I love them and I can make them work with just about any outfit. 

Tribal Print Crop Top: Same as above
Black Skater Skirt: Cotton On // Black w/ Gold Chain Purse: Forever 21 // Gray Booties: c/o Macy's mstylelab // Sunglasses: Stunner of the Month // Silver Chunky Ring: Downtown Los Angeles Flea Market // Silver Promise Ring: Gifted from the boyfriend

I love both of these outfits. I will definitely be repeating these outfits over and over again over time. Which one is your favorite? 

Don't forget to follow the hashtag #macyscampustour to see what other bloggers are doing with all the cute stuff you can find from Macy's!


  1. I love the outfits you chose to work with! Every store I go into has tribal prints which annoys me because I feel like I can never pull one off. Hopefully, for the sake of my need to buy something, I can find a perfect one soon. I haven't purchased any clothing because I've been so turned off by all the tribal prints every store carries.

    1. You can find something that works for you! It's just a matter of pairing the tribal print with something that you would be comfortable in, like your favorite jeans or a simple skirt. Or better yet, get the tribal print in a piece that you'd be comfortable having that large amount of it on, like a wallet or headband. You don't have to go all out in tribal prints!

  2. Great tips! Versatility is the key to a rocking wardrobe!

  3. Obsessed with that top! Great job styling it!

  4. I love both of these outfits so much! Oh my gosh, with that skater skirt, it is to die for! I was always afraid of crop tops, but honestly, you make a great case for them. I might have to try one out this summer! xx, Elizabeth

    1. You should definitely give crop tops a try sometime! Last year, I definitely was not for them, but I've learned to realize that you can definitely dress them up appropriately, even if you don't like to show your mid-section!

  5. I really love that top with the skirt! It looks really great on you - I'm a bit scared of crop tops because I hate my stomach but maybe this summer I could try one out :)


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