Thursday, November 13, 2014

My New Favorite Devotional: She Reads Truth

If you've been following my blog for a while, you may have noticed that I recently added two buttons to the "affiliates" section of my sidebar. One of them is The Peony Project, a blogging community for female bloggers who consider themselves Christian. And the great part is that you don't have to be a Christian blogger to join. It's a great community that I think you should join if you're looking for a place to grow in your faith but also be in community with other people who have similar interests as you. 

The other button is for She Reads Truth. It's a site that has devotionals that cover a wide array of topics and specific books of the Bible. I discovered it recently through some blogs on The Peony Project, actually. Since then, I haven't been more excited and interested in reading my Bible in a long time (but that's another post for another day). 

Out of all the plans they have going (there are always new plans going on but older ones are archived too), I decided to start with the "Open Your Bible" plan to get myself back into the habit of doing just that--opening my Bible. 

I'm still not consistent on doing the plan every day, but I'm currently on Day 11 as you're reading this. I like that I don't feel pressure to keep up and that I'm the worst Christian ever for skipping a day or two (again, I'll talk about my past church experiences another day).

On top of the plans, they have photos with quotes or scriptures from that day's devotional that you can either save for yourself or post to social media.

Not only that, they also sell study journals to help you with the devotionals. They sell prints, mugs, scripture cards, and more. It's all so pretty but all so encouraging as well.

She Reads Truth has an app available for IOS and Google Play, where you can currently read the "Open Your Bible" reading plan for free, but you have to pay a small fee for the other plans. That's if you're reading directly on the app! You can even get free phone wallpapers too, which I love. One of the wallpapers are currently my phone's home screen background. 

It's just been a very refreshing and encouraging way to read and study the Bible. It's the exact type of thing that I've been looking for for a long time, and for the first time in a long time I actually am excited to have my one on one time with God. It sounds bad, but if you knew my story and my faith journey, you'd get a better understanding of why. I'll talk about it another time. Until then, check out She Reads Truth because I think there is something for everyone on there. 

What's your favorite devotional? I'd love for you to leave links to other devotionals you enjoy reading and studying!

Disclosure: I'm not affiliated with She Reads Truth at all! I just love them so much!
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  1. I haven't joined She reads Truth but I absolutely love The Peony Project!

  2. LOVE She Reads Truth! I've done a number of their studies but Hospitality was the first one I followed daily and it was fantastic! (also, thanks for The Peony Project plug!)

  3. I keep running into She Reads Truth. It's time to take the plunge!

  4. She Reads Truth is amazing! I really loved the Hospitality study and I'm so looking forward to the Thanksgiving and Christmas studies! The Peony Project is amazing, too! I love those ladies!

  5. I've been loving the Peony Project! It's such a wonderful group of ladies! And She Reads Truth is great! I haven't been doing the plans lately, but I love how relatable and awesome they are! This has inspired me to go back to reading them! Thanks for sharing, Kriselle! :)

  6. She Reads Truth isn't necessarily something you can join; it's more like an informal community. I haven't talked with anyone else who reads their devotionals, but I know I've definitely enjoyed reading their devotionals!

  7. I have been behind on my Open Your Bible study but I really want to finish so I can follow one of the holiday devotionals daily! And no problem :]

  8. Yes, do it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do :]

  9. I'm looking forward to it too! I'm glad to have gotten to know you through the Peony Project as well, Sarah :]

  10. No problem! I think it's great to have found these two communities for Christian women to talk not only about God, but other things in life as well. For the Peony Project, that includes blogging too, and I love it!

  11. I think Kelly from The Southern Komfort blog just started was on her Instagram.


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