Saturday, November 22, 2014

Working in Retail on Black Friday

I've mentioned before that I work in retail. I have also mentioned before that I go Black Friday shopping every year. In fact, this year will be my 7th year in a row. For the first time in 3 years, I will be working in retail on Black Friday. 

When I was in high school I worked after I Black Friday shopped and this year it will be before. There can be a huge difference in your energy and what you can get when your schedule works out like that. 

When I worked Black Friday for the first time, I was able to get my shopping done as usual from about 5am-10am, but since I didn't have a car at the time, I had to linger around the mall until my shift started at about 1pm. This year, my plan is going to be vastly different. It has to be. 

I will be working the opening shift at work this year, from midnight to 7am! That will be the most crazy time to work because everyone will be pouring into the store for all the deals. I haven't worked in Black Friday for so long so it will be interesting. 

Last year I compiled a list of tips to help with Black Friday so I'll definitely be making sure I check back to that post to get my game plan on point after I get off work. I'm hoping that although I'll be starting shopping a couple hours later than I usually do, I'll get the same great deals like I did last year. 

Luckily, I'm not working on Thanksgiving Day, but that also means that I'll probably have to cut my time with my family short so I can make sure I get enough rest. Besides I'll probably go Black Friday shopping myself afterwards, so I'll definitely need the energy for it. Wish me luck!

Got any other tips for me? 
Chau for now


  1. There is no way I'm stepping foot in a store on Black Friday. I worked it once, but I am so anti the crowds. People are beyond rude and pushy too. I'll do for both Friday and Monday! Hopefully you won't have too many issues while you're working.

  2. I'm working Black Friday too! And thanksgiving too actually... I'm working 9 pm to 6 am T_T It's the first Black Friday I'm working also sooooo it'll be interesting.

  3. Oh gosh, good luck! I always feel so bad for the retail employees, I feel like they get some very rude customers!

  4. Haha that is totally understandable! I'm so curious as to how it will be for me working at the registers when the store opens!

  5. Oh yay I'm not alone! Haha but that's a really long shift, good luck with that! Where do you work & are you gonna shop after?

  6. Aww thanks so much! Yeah this is the time that people get really nasty to get what they want. Hopefully it's not so bad!

  7. I work at Kate Spade and I did shop after (x But it wasn't super hard core or anything. I was waaay too tired to do that.


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